Prompt: Write a Picture

28 Mar

Every year since I was born my family celebrated New Years in the summer. When my father was in college, he and his friends would get together in rural Vermont to go camping at Horseshoe Acres so they could celebrate New Year’s together. Up in the mountains, past the only store for about 20 miles, sits a peculiar campsite. The surrounding towns are few and far between and seem to think it is 20 years ago. Horseshoe Acres is the most urban scene for 20-40 miles with their in ground pool, mini-golf course, and high tech trailers. My father has been going to this seeming haven for over 30 years with his friends. I have gone every year of my life, but recently I have begun to bring my own friends. It’s a tradition, the only tradition my father has, and I intend to carry it on for the rest of my life and pass it down to my children.
Enter my good friend Zach, as we traverse the treacherous waters of the mountain stream. We traveled down the hasty flow of water on slippery rocks protruding the one foot depth. Enter more jokes. “You shall not pass!” I said to Zach standing on the only rock available to him. “The one… of many… stones to rule them all!” Zach said to me, standing triumphantly over a quarry of granite rocks on the water bank. We took it so far that we picked the one (of many) that would rule them all. Eventually, we came to impasse with no clear path to take.
“We cannot traverse these dangerous waters with no path!” I said, continuing our playful mock of Lord of the Rings (in case you live under a rock and didn’t get it yet).
Zach saw that I was carrying our one (of many) rocks to rule them all. So he turned to me, feigned concerned on his face, and said, “I can’t carry it for you, but I can carry you!” He proceeded to motion for me to jump on his back. I immediately obliged him on his generous offer. He fearlessly traversed the gap with me in tow, splashing through the waters. His focus was unwavering, his loyalty unflappable, and his determination undeniable. He knew we were so close to our goal (which apparently was destroying the world with our one (of many) rocks to rule them all), and he wouldn’t allow us to fail. Of course, we made it across the endless expanse of water to the other side and complete our quest. We have ruled the world together ever since.

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Posted by on March 28, 2011 in Non-Fiction


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